The Best Place For a Waterside Business Lunch in South Tampa

By Paul Rutledge

I recently had to look for a location for an upcoming meeting with a client visiting from Atlanta who is an ex Florida resident. So Sad. I wanted to really rub it in so we could chat business and reconnect and relax. We sat on the South patio and started with grouper appetizers and sweet ice tea. Yeah, life’s pretty great.

The boats were coming in and out of the marina and we just started talking about all things Florida: boats, fishing, Florida authors like Tim Dorsey, former Tampa Tribune writer, and my old employer. And of course Randy Wayne White, say it 3 times fast.

It led to a great meeting, good food, and wonderful service. If you think you can zoom that or have the same impact in a call or text, good for you. I will always enjoy the people of the business and the good ones who are kind, fair, and smart.

It’s a Good day in Tampa to be talking real estate…. and a good market to be doing real estate.

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