Real Estate From The Ground Level

By Paul Rutledge

Ok, not the real dive that our big firms provide but a one-person view of what we have seen in the last 4 months of the new year. With the change in the social environment and the coming of mass vaccination, we have seen an uptick. 

After the first 100 days in office, the new administration has not negatively impacted local businesses unless you are in the restaurant industry. 

Florida real estate is hot and like no other market in the US. Our State leadership has opened up businesses, which has helped the market, and it looks so far that there is no negative effect. 

It seems to have been limited risk in the direction to date. 

It is a major factor that we have low tax rates. Like ZERO! We can all work from anywhere in the world, and as long as we can, why not work where we can sit by the pool, fish, and be outside 365 days a year [subject to Hurricanes]. 

Prices are on the rise from my limited scope of sales. I would say as much as 10% just since the beginning of the year. This in part due to the broader selection of buyers from other areas where pricing is high, and product in the market is limited. 

I see the market staying strong until the end of the year as increased savings and consumption demand will make the market stay stable, and with no sight of rising interest rates, it’s full speed ahead. 

Make this a good year. Who knows what 2022 has for us. 

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