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By: Sean Mills

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  • Gulf Moon Lightscape uses only the best products and lighting systems from the area's finest retailers, with your vision and your safety in mind.

Have you ever stood on the edge of the Gulf at night, with the sea breeze blowing through the coconut trees and the cool night air gently touching your skin? It is a nearly indescribable feeling, and Gulf Moon Lightscape is dedicated to letting you enjoy those sensations from the comforts of your home, backyard, lanai, and lawn. It’s about feeling safe and comfortable on your property at any hour of the day and night, freely enjoying what our beautiful corner of the world has to offer.

And it all comes down to gaining total control of your land. That’s where Gulf Moon Lightscape comes in. Outdoor lighting, whether decorative or for security, has proven to be cost-effective and crucial for property owners looking to gain that control. And you can do this all at the annual cost of roughly $20-$25 added in LED lighting costs ( with a standard 15 exterior LED lights system.)* Decorative lighting allows homeowners the freedom to express themselves in every corner of their property. While security lighting keeps the shadows at bay, so thieves and thugs will think twice about setting foot where they don’t belong.

LED Exterior Lights Add Curb Appeal, Putting Your Property Ahead Of The Rest.

First and foremost, outdoor lighting keeps your outdoor areas open and active even after the sun has set on the horizon. From late-night talks on the porch to entertaining guests on your patio, you’ll want to be able to enjoy the beautiful Florida weather no matter the hour — especially with cooler nighttime temperatures. A complete outdoor lighting system from Gulf Moon Lightscape means there is no reason to call it a night before the party is over.

Outdoor lighting also keeps your family safe if the party is more active. Outdoor sports on the lawn or staircases to pools or hot tubs will be fully lit up, giving everyone confidence in each step. Even if you aren’t playing outdoors, being able to see can prevent accidents and injuries for home patrons. Late-night guests will be grateful that the walkway up to your home is properly lit. Speaking of safety, Gulf Moon Lightscape can also install security lighting around your property to ward off thieves, vandals, and other potential criminals. They don’t want to be seen or identified, and a properly lit home is a definite deterrent. Motion-activated lighting is also available if you want to tone down the brightness when there is no trouble with it.

Some home insurance companies will also offer discounts to homes with security lighting. This is one of many ways that outdoor lighting can be cost-effective and worth the price. Lighting technology has come a long way since people were burning the midnight oil. Efficient LED lights can be installed to cut down the cost of your energy bill, providing ample outdoor lighting for less than $20 a month. LED lighting, with its low voltage, can save you as much as 20% on your bill compared to older halogen or incandescent bulbs. Well-placed lighting can also improve your curb appeal if you want to show off to your neighbors or entice potential buyers. When your house and property already look good, proper lighting can put the best parts of your home on display. Highlight your manicured shrubbery or your professionally paved driveway. Give your home some real personality by drawing the eyes to the best sights. Gulf Moon Lightscape can provide these benefits and more with our custom-designed, state-of-the-art lighting systems. Take control of your home and your property.

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Adding lighting can beautify your property but also helps to prevent accidents on walk paths and provide security.

*Time for the Math How did we estimate that 15 LED lights would only cost homeowners an extra $20-$25/year? Well, 6 watts x 15 lights = 90 Watts per hour. At 6 hours per night, 365 days per year, you are roughly expending 197,100 watts annually. Or, more simply, 197kWh. The current cost of a kWh is $.11 or $21.67 per year!

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